How to Relieve Constipation? Top 4 Foods for Constipation

Constipation is a common intestinal problem for urban people. It not only affects a body's ability to detoxify, but also causes gastrointestinal discomfort. It can cause bloating, affect the way you look, and bring all kinds of troubles to your life.

If you wish to effectively relieve the symptoms of constipation and improve bowel movements, read on and learn about why you should include these 4 super constipation-relieving foods into your daily meals, as recommended by nutritionists!


4 foods for improving constipation

1) Berries

One of the main causes of constipation is insufficient dietary fiber and water intake. Often when a person is dehydrated, their intestines fail to deliver enough water to the stool, resulting in hard, dry or lumpy stool, and contributing to constipation. Berries are rich in water and can help to soften stools. Additionally, the rich dietary fiber in them can help intestinal peristalsis and effectively prevent constipation.

Try eating a few handfuls of berries to improve your constipation problem. In particular, raspberries and blackberries in particular are among the best high-fiber foods for easing constipation

2) Plum

Rich in insoluble dietary fiber that can absorb a lot of water, eating plums or dried prunes is another time-tested remedy to improve constipation. The fiber in the fruit can accelerate the flow of materials through the intestines. Plums also contain sorbitol, which increases stool lubricity and stimulates gastrointestinal movement.

3) Cauliflower

In addition to protecting the intestines and promoting the health of the digestive system, cauliflower is rich in dietary fiber and sulforaphane. This compound not only promotes intestinal peristalsis, but also effectively prevents the excessive reproduction of certain microorganisms that negatively impact intestinal health, thereby improving the problem of constipation.

4) Figs

Figs are rich in pectin, which is another water-soluble dietary fiber. In addition to absorbing a large amount of water, it can soften stool and serve as an effective way to improve constipation. On the other hand, figs also contain plenty of lipids and oxalates, which is another answer to constipation relief by way of relaxing your bowels.

However, with the hectic schedule that modern citizens live by, are there any other alternatives or ways to improve constipation if they simply can’t find enough time to eat the aforementioned fruits and vegetables? Apart from eating a diet full of natural vegetables and fruits, another good way to improve constipation and digestive problems is by taking in gastrointestinal supplements that promote intestinal peristalsis, remove hard stool and toxins stored in the body.

An effective way to improve constipation - Introducing Global Healing's Gastrointestinal Health Products

1) Oxy-Powder® - Safe & Natural Colon Cleanser

Oxy-powder contains natural ozone magnesium oxide and citric acid, which is an effective way to soften the stool and clean the intestines to improve and resolve constipation symptoms. This formula is a natural stomach health supplement, mild in nature, and does not lead to diarrhea or dependence problems, making it suitable for people suffering from constipation or digestive problems and looking for ways to improve the situation.

2) Floratrex® - 25-Strain Probiotic & Prebiotic Supplement

Floratrex® Contains 25 active probiotics and patented PreforPro® phage prebiotics, which can track and devour harmful microorganisms to enhance intestinal health and immunity. The supplement is suitable for people with constipation or gastrointestinal discomfort such as diarrhea and abdominal pain.

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