6 Warning Signs of Poor Liver Health

6 Symptoms of an Unhealthy Liver

The liver plays a critical role not only in the secretion of bile and helping the body metabolize nutrients, but it is also a major detoxification organ. Due to its connectivity with other systems of the body, bad habits such as staying up late, smoking, and drinking too much can put a lot of extra burden on the liver and keep it from functioning at its best. If you don’t look after yourself, your body may start to show symptoms of an unhealthy liver.

Take a look at the six common warning signs of poor liver health we’ve listed below. If you check a lot of the symptoms, there’s a big chance that your liver is struggling to metabolize the toxins in your body. While it’s always advisable to seek medical attention if the symptoms persist or are severe, you may also consider our recommendations of things easily do to give your liver a much-needed detox and improve liver health holistically.

1: Yellow Eyes, Skin & Urine (Jaundice)

Also known as jaundice, the abnormal yellowing of the skin and whites of the eyes is one of the most common and indicative signs of poor liver health. In addition to yellowish skin and eyes, the medical condition can also manifest in one’s urine, which may become thicker and turn into a dark, amber color. This could be linked to various liver-related diseases and conditions such as acute hepatitis, bile duct obstruction, and bile duct inflammation.

2: Chronic Fatigue

According to traditional Chinese medicine, the liver governs the conveyance and dispersion of the body’s “qi” and blood. After being produced from the spleen and stomach, they are transported throughout the body by the liver, facilitating the secretion of bile and the removal of toxins. If the liver is not functioning properly, the blood and “qi” will fall out of balance, causing waste to accumulate in the bloodstream and the body to feel inexplicably tired.

3 Loss of Appetite

As the liver plays a vital role in the digestive system, processing and metabolizing the nutrients absorbed from the small intestines, loss of appetite and unintentional weight loss are often symptoms that arise from an unhealthy liver.

4 Gray Stool

Pay attention to the color of your stool, it may be giving you signs of poor liver health. If your stool is gray in color, it’s safe to assume that it’s likely due to problems occurring in the liver. Secreted by the liver, bile is what gives normal stool its brown color. If the gall bladder or bile duct is blocked, bile will not be able to pass through and reach the small intestines, turning the color of your stool gray.

5 Discomfort in the Upper Right Abdomen

The liver and gallbladder are located in the right upper abdominal region under your ribs, and problems occurring in the two organs may cause physical pain and discomfort in the area. This may range from a dull throbbing sensation to a stabbing pain.

6 Skin Irritation

Believe it or not, skin irritation can be a symptom of an unhealthy liver. When the liver isn’t functioning optimally, it may have trouble breaking down and regulating hormones, leading to hormonal imbalance. In turn, sebaceous glands are triggered to increase sebum secretion, increasing the chance of inflammation in the hair follicles, and resulting in acne and skin irritation.

Best Detox & Cleanses for Liver Health

An unhealthy liver can lead to symptoms showing in all parts of the body. And that makes it all the more important for you to protect this vital organ. If you find yourself noticing some signs of poor liver health, consider some of the following ways to detox and reset your liver, so that you can nurse it back to optimal health!

1: Cut Down on Processed Food

One of the best ways to give your liver a natural cleanse is by maintaining a diet based on real, whole food, and cutting down on their overly processed counterparts, such as luncheon meat and preserved canned food. In addition, to make the job of metabolizing and detoxifying your food easier for the liver, try using simpler cooking methods and minimizing the use of seasonings with complicated ingredients.

2: Consuming Turmeric

Turmeric is rich in curcumin, a powerful antioxidant that serves as a natural detox for liver health. The nutritional compound can help repair liver cells, reduce inflammation, and boost metabolism in the liver. Consuming this popular Indian spice in moderation can additionally promote bile secretion as well as the breakdown of alcohol. In effect, this helps relieve liver-related health problems such as fatty liver disease.

3: Global Healing 6-Day Liver Cleanse Program

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