4 Foods To Avoid If You Get Upset Stomach Easily

Do you know that one out of five people nowadays suffers from Irritable Bowel Syndrome? 

Irritable Bowel Syndrome oftentimes arises from viruses causing an inflamed stomach lining and intestine, leading to an upset stomach. Although it can be difficult to pinpoint the exact root cause of sensitive stomachs, it is known that your lifestyle and eating habits can play a huge role in the matter.

Here are four foods to be avoided in order to alleviate your sensitive stomach symptoms. Eat well to gear yourself up for better health and well-being!

Foods To Avoid If You Have A Sensitive Stomach

Foods That Aggravate an Upset Stomach

If you are a strong tea or coffee fanatic, you need to be conscious of it potentially irritating your stomach. The caffeine in tea and coffee, as well as other sugary and greasy foods, are known as stimulants of gastric secretions. A surge in gastric juice may result in sensitive stomachs. Besides, these foods are likely to reduce peristalsis and induce constipation. Do not underestimate hot and spicy meals either— those pepper and chillies comprise a combination of acids that trigger burning in your stomach lining, often causing an upset stomach.

High FODMAP Foods

FODMAP stands for fermentable oligosaccharides, disaccharides, monosaccharides and polyols. Simply put, they are certain kinds of carbohydrates which ferment and produce gases along your alimentary canal. People with FODMAP intolerance will experience various symptoms of abdominal distress, including stomach bloating, diarrhoea and constipation. If you have a sensitive tummy, you should avoid high FODMAP foods such as wheat, barley,  garlic, onions, soybean products and dairy goods.

Glutinous Rice Products

Glutinous rice (or sticky rice) is largely composed of less digestible amylopectin, which imparts the sticky quality to the rice. Coupled with this stickiness, the complex chemical structure of glutinous rice makes digestion more difficult for any person, let alone those with stomach issues. Thus, reducing the consumption of glutinous rice products helps relieve sensitive stomach symptoms. 

Gut-soothing, High-fiber Foods

Avoiding high-fiber foods is an effective remedy for your sensitive tummy. Pay special attention to foods like bamboo shoots, black and white fungi, pineapples, papayas, and pitayas to kiwis. All of which can induce sensitive stomachs, diarrhoea and intestinal discomfort.

Best Remedy for Sensitive Stomach — Global Healing Probiotics

It is no secret that having a healthy diet and regular exercise is critical for sustaining your gut health and overall well-being. On top of that, consuming probiotics is a ubiquitous and effective practice to heal an upset stomach. According to research, probiotics play an essential role in relieving constipation and sensitive tummies. For people who are afflicted by an upset stomach, we recommend probiotic products from Global Healing, a prestigious American brand best known for its natural gut-healing supplements.  

Floratrex® - Global Healing

Boasting a potent probiotic formula, Floratrex® contains 75 billion live active CFUs from 25 of the most beneficial strains of bacteria. Its patented flora blend helps maintain balance, support regularity, and promote normal bowel movements. Also, it strengthens the microbiota to help restore your gut balance and have fewer digestive issues. Floratrex® is recommended for people with sensitive stomach symptoms such as constipation and diarrhoea.

Latero-Flora™ - Global Healing

This probiotic contains Brevibacillus Laterosporus to promote intestinal balance, relieve occasional sensitive stomach symptoms such as bloating and constipation, and promote a healthy gut. Latero-Flora helps restore the occasional upset stomach and supports a detox cleanse to strengthen your gut against harmful organisms.

All products from Global Healing are vegan, natural, and gluten-free to cater to all different dietary requirements. Visit Global Healing’s website today to learn more about our products and shop our full range of high-quality supplements.