10 Best Fat-burning Foods for Weight Loss in 2023

Working out but not losing weight? Here is why – the 70/30 approach explains that 70% of your weight loss comes from healthy diets, and 30% is contributed by exercise. The key to natural fat burning requires a combination of both workout and healthy eating. To achieve weight loss quickly, introduce small changes in your lifestyle and diet, for example, by taking in more natural fat burners such as avocado, oats, and nuts. We’ve rounded up the 10 best fat-burning foods to fuel your weight-loss journey. Let’s jump in!

10 Best Fat-burning Foods

#1: Avocado

Avocado is a well-known superfood and is considered one of the top natural fat burners. It is low in calories (providing only 160 calories per 100 grams) yet incredibly filling, owing to its high-fat content. Over 60% of it is composed of monounsaturated fat, which is a form of healthy fat that lowers cholesterol levels whilst increasing fullness and reducing cravings that otherwise add up your weight.

Apart from healthy fats, avocado is also a rich source of vitamin E, which boosts estrogen and helps with fat loss; and potassium, a key mineral for decreasing water retention in your body; as well as magnesium, which activates certain enzymes to aid digestion and regulate the blood glucose levels, thereby reducing abdominal fat.

The most nutrient-dense part of an avocado is actually avocado seeds, the main source of soluble fiber that improves intestinal health and blood circulation. Hence, it promotes metabolism and fat loss – no wonder it is crowned one of the 10 best fat-burning foods.

#2: Oats

Are you eliminating sugar and starch from your diet for the sake of fat loss? This is, in fact, one of the unhealthy misconceptions about weight loss. Fat burning normally occurs in the process called metabolism, which constantly requires energy. If you are cutting out carbohydrates, you are also cutting out the main fuel for daily activities and body mechanisms, including metabolism. This eventually leads to a drop in metabolic rates and fat loss.

To ensure you receive enough energy yet maintain healthy weight loss, you can avoid refined carbs and consume healthy carbohydrates instead. We recommend oats, one of the 10 best fat-burning foods, which not only supply sufficient energy but are also rich in dietary fiber. It speeds up your belly fat loss, keeps your liver healthy, and manages blood sugar levels.

#3: Soy Foods

Soy is a high-quality plant protein that supports muscle building. Its abundance of soluble and insoluble fiber helps regulate your blood sugar levels and accelerates fat breakdown, resulting in effective fat loss. Soy foods such as soybeans, black beans, and chickpeas not only increase fullness but are also delectable when eaten alone or paired with other best fat-burning foods on our list.

#4: Tomato

Tomatoes are rich in lycopene and soluble fiber, giving you a sense of fullness whilst binding itself with fat to prevent excessive fat absorption in your body. Potassium ions in tomatoes also help with sodium and water metabolism. Research has shown that tomatoes are effective in fat-burning, making them one of the most popular natural fat-burners.

#5: Chicken

The fact that chicken is filled with high-quality proteins is no surprise to health and fitness enthusiasts. It is an excellent building block of proteins, helping to repair and maintain muscle tissues after intense workouts – especially muscles may over-stretch and tear during exercise. Besides, these animal proteins contain tryptophan, which can increase serotonin production and bring a positive effect on your mood and overall health on the challenging weight-loss journey.

#6: Eggs

Eggs are also a high-quality protein that makes you feel full longer and is known as one of the best fat-burning foods. Studies have shown that high-protein meals can create a thermogenic effect that boosts metabolism. A high protein intake, coupled with regular exercise and training, therefore increases the effectiveness in fat loss.

#7: Bell Pepper

One of the best 10 fat-burning foods, bell peppers are high in vitamins and minerals, especially vitamin C. The presence of capsaicin, which is not found in other vegetables, offers antioxidant properties that promote metabolism and fat loss while preventing arteriosclerosis.

#8: Cucumber

Cucumber is slow in fat and calories, containing up to 96% water and abundant soluble fiber that helps with fat loss. It is also rich in potassium, which can eliminate excess sodium in the body, and balance potassium and sodium levels as well as get rid of water retention in your body.

#9: Nuts

Nuts contain healthy fats, dietary fiber, and high-quality protein, which are nutritious and can prolong the feeling of fullness. Almonds, walnuts, and pumpkin seeds can reduce belly fat, making them several of the best fat-burning foods.

#10: Cheese

Any imbalance in gut bacteria can impact metabolism and cause weight gain. Cheese is a natural, healthy source of probiotics that restores intestinal health, boosts immunity, and improves the body's overall health. In addition, greek yogurt is an excellent fat burner since it has low calories and high-quality protein, perfect for building muscle and losing fat.

To achieve successful fat loss, regular exercise and healthy diets are indispensable. When you go grocery shopping next time, add these best fat-burning foods to your trolley to reshape your lifestyle and lose weight with ease.